Micron and Crucial M500 SSD 1TB just under US$600

Crucial M500 SSDI have two PowerMac G4 QuickSilver.  One of them is working but certainly the spec is out of date.  The other’s motherboard was broken. So I decided to use its cases and to rebuild the inside with the cutting edge technology refurbishment.  This is great news for me.  Hope it will get price reduced more and more.

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jQuery: Highcharts API

HighchartsI have a little project given by one of my university friends. He asked me to implement an interactive time line chart on a website. The data in the CSV file consists of voltage values taken every two seconds from a solar panel. Here is the chart so far I created. Timeline chart demo

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Introduction to JSFIDDLE

JsfiddleIf you have just started learning HTML, CSS and Javascript, you may want to know about JSFIDDLE. Great solution to construct your own framework!

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Dropbox Web Hosting – Cloud Static Website Development



Many people are already using Dropbox.  There is a feature to make files and folders public within Dropbox.  So just placing HTML file in there, you can publish your own static website.  However, what if you want a domain name for your site?  Making some folder public on Dropbox gives you the URL like this (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1jzeys3rkj7nsrm/22eswcFPub).

Kissr.com allows you to have a partial unique domain name for you! It won’t be as much as you desired for the domain name but it’s much better. Read more ›

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